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Suitable for girls (12-15 age)
Rashes free
Harmful chemicals free


Feather soft top sheet
Rashes free
Harmful chemicals free


Day & Night care
Feather soft top sheet, Rashes free
Harmful chemicals free


Harmful Chemical Free

Harmful Chemical Free

Do you know that most pads available in the market have harmful chemicals that reacts with period blood leading to even uterus cancer?

Be rest assured, Stepup pads are free from harmful chemicals and NABL Certified.

Eco- Friendly

Eco- Friendly

Non-biodegradable pads are huge concern for environment and in Municipal solid waste management.

Step Up pads are designed to be Eco Friendly and easy to degrade, thereby taking care of mother earth.

Soft & Rash Free

Soft & Rash Free

Most Women and girls suffer from “Rashes and itchiness” due to Plastic Sheet used in most pads available in the market.

StepUp Pads are made from pure wood pulp and HATB top sheet which not only provide feather touch feel but are free from Rashes & Itchiness.


Our Motto

A 2014 reports, nearly 23 million girls drop out of school annually due to lack of proper menstrual hygiene management facilities, which include availability of sanitary napkins and logical awareness of menstruation.  In India about 80% of the women still use cloth and about 71% of girls are unaware about menstruation before their first period.  

“Our mission is to eradicate menstrual poverty & remove taboo associated with menstrual cycle in Indian society and create awareness amongst both men and women. We want women to celebrate periods rather than feeling embarrassed and hiding”.  

“Our vision is to make harmful chemical free, rash free, eco-friendly pad available to every Indian woman at affordable prices”.

Trusted partner of every woman for a journey of 40 years from “Puberty to Menopause”.

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Know About Our Pads From Our Happy Customers

  • My Post (64)

    First thing it’s very affordable means something great in this rate is awesome. And another is the pad is cotton based so definitely it won’t irritate you.

    Urvashi Singh
    Software Engineer
  • My Post (67)

    I had first used StepUp pads 2 years ago. Since then I use StepUp pads only because of it’s rashfree quality.

    Dr Sonali C. Vaity
    B.H.M.S., C.G.O
  • My Post (68)

    According to me step up is affordable to every woman and girls. The chemical free as well as softer pads are very comfortable , absorbent and control rashes.

    Anshika Singh
  • My Post (66)

    I am in such a profession where i can’t choose to change pad for long time. With StepUp pads heavy flow is managed.

    Ph. Bharati Mohokar
  • My Post (65)

    StepUp pads are the best and most affordable sanitary pads I have ever used, I started it using on my friends recommendations but after using it I started recommending it to others.

    Sakshi Singh
    School Teacher
  • My Post (74)

    I was earlier using pad of other  brand. Then I came to know that Stepup pads are biodegradable. I started using it & it was better from my old pad brand. StepUp pads are 100% rash- free. Happy to use this  excellent product at such a low price.

    Dr Pournima Phadatare
    Practicing Doctor
  • My Post (75)

    Stepup pads have softer quality sheets which I liked the most. I am happy that I am buying a pad from company which is working towards social upliftment of underprivileged ladies. 

    Rekharani Nariwal
    Working woman
  • My Post (77)

    Stepup pads don’t emit any foul smell. It’s free from itchiness that’s why I use StepUp pads from more than a year. Must buy! 

    Savita Krishnamurthi
    Data Scientist
  • My Post (78)

    Stepup Pads are real breather. The cotton material is so nice, I felt as if my skin is breathing and not suffocating. Now my sisters in my family also use StepUp pads. 

    Megan Fernandez
    Investment Officer
  • My Post (79)

    I’ve stopped getting rashes after using StepUp pads. Best thing about StepUp pads are it’s price. You get such a fine quality pads at so less cost.

    Reeta Banrjee
  • My Post (80)

    A pharmacist had once recommended me StepUp pad. Since then I have been using StepUp pads. It’s completely value for money because of its longer hours of absorption. I give 5 star to the product especially XL size.  

    Ajeetha Shaw
    Sketch Artist


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